Lavender Porta

The “Lavender Porta”

The “Lavender Porta” was the dream realized by Eníd Keszthelyi and Tibor Keszthelyi.

Both are agricultural graduates, always wanting to live in Kékkút, and work in agriculture. In 2011, they planted their very first French lavender roots, brought in from Tihany, flowers of which were made into lavender syrup and lavender jelly, the following year. They started selling products in decorative hand-painted bottles (“Eníd Szávay Graphics”), at the Liliomkert Market (at the village of Káptalantóti). The market became very successful with visitors, later earning a trademark of the Balaton Uplands National Park. Encouraged by customer interest, they expanded their plantation, hoping that nearly two thousand lavender plants could meet the ever-growing demand.

Their products can be purchased not only at their home, but also at some resellers and catering venues.
At “Lavender Porta” they also work with dairy cattle, selling fresh milk, and processed dairy products.
They offer their guests dishes made from own products, and an opportunity to relax in the tree shade.
At their reception, it’s possible to organize family gatherings, class trips, quizzes, and professional meetings.