The Folly Arboretum

Savor the scent of century-old cedars

The Folly Arboretum was founded in Badacsonyörs by Dr. Gyula Folly. The collection, mainly consisting of pines, is located on the southern side of Kisörsi Hill, near Lake Balaton. Todya, the arboretum contains plant populations from three different ages, planted by three generations of the Folly family.
The arboretum sits on a 3.06 hectares area, adjacent to another 1.6 hectares of forest area. Additional to it’s botanical value, the arboretum’s landscape, cultural, and geological values are also important. From the south side of Kisörsi Hill, the visitor has a unique view of the Örsi Hill, the Badacsony hill, and the St. Ivan Chapel of Abraham Hegy. Visible on the other side of Lake Balaton, the characteristically unique double-hill of Fonyód Hill rises above the water mirror. From here, one can observe some of the country’s most famous vineyards of Badacsony’s historic wine region, with it’s snaking vineyards and artistically designed press-houses.
The oldest planted trees are some 90-100 years old. Planted after World War II, plants range with ages between 35-55 years, while the last generation of trees planted, are aged 35 years or less. Even though the arboretum is relatively small, it’s dendrology values are internationally recognized. The collection of ever-greens provides an opportunity to present an impressive botanical of pines, usable for educational purposes. Alos of great value, are it’s atlas cedars. At the arboretum, there are regular attempts at naturalization, breeding, ecological and phenological observations. These play an important role in the introduction and propagation of cypress (Cupressaceae), and of cedars (Cedrus spp.).
About a thousand open-air species exist on our Earth, of which six hundred are temperate climate varieties, and one fifth of those can be found at Folly Arboretum (130 species of pine, 20 species of deciduous trees, 20-30 species of evergreen and deciduous shrubs). There are currently 16 juniper (Juniperus) species in the arboretum, in several varieties. More than 15 species of fir and spruce also grow here, despite the dry, sunny, south-facing hillside climate not being favorable for them. Many individual “pine-needles” (beet pine – Pinus spp.), also withstand these dry climate conditions, numbering 35 species in the arboretum.
The conservation value of the arboretum is increased by the Permian red sandstone outcrop, fenced by the oak forest, which is considered an original plant species associated with the area.
The Folly Arboretum is not only a garden, but also a special collection, with a family tradition dating back centuries. Walks, wine tasting, and delights in the panorama of Lake Balaton. Great for families, couples, and groups of friends.