The Káli Basin

The Hungarian Provance

The Káli Basin, formerly called the Kállai Basin, is part of the Balaton Uplands National Park. It begins at the village of Zánka, and is bordered by the Örsi Hill, near Balatonrendes and Ábrahámhegy. The mountain range is mostly made of red sandstone, with many mountains covered with basalt in many places. Millions of years of winds working, resulted in the so-called “stone seas”, formations of which can be found in areas of Kővágóörs, Szentbékkálla, Salföld and Kisörs. The enormous stones polished by the winds make for a unique sight. In the northern part, stretches the “Black Mountain”, with it’s southern edge almost reaching Lake Balaton. The view from it’s top offers a beautiful vista of the whole basin, as well as Tapolca, and even Tihany. The basin is crossed by the Burnót stream, which flows into Lake Balaton at Ábrahámhegy, noting also the Kornyi Lake in the basin’s middle, with it’s very rich bird life.